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Baby Products I Regret Buying | Do Not Buy These Diapers!

For this video I’m going to be talking about items that I regret purchasing these are things that I bought maybe excitedly before the baby was here or things that I thought I needed and I absolutely did not need and I wish I would not have purchased would not have purchased the items to make my own ring sling I.

Thought this was a good idea I bought the Rings and like a silver sterling silver color and they.

Also purchased the fabric and I did not have this I thought it was I read all about it online about how to tie it up and it turns out my baby did not really like this he doesn’t like to be too cocooned and it was not one.

Of his favorites to be in this sling he did fit in.

There and he was quite large but it wasn’t comfortable on myself or the baby so it was not an alternative for us maybe I’ll use this in the future for another baby but for the time being I would consider this a do not buy I will be keeping.

This fabric I got it hemmed in like a red so it’s kind of something a little different and I bought the like blue full linen stripe with the white and I’m sure I.

Can use this for something else like a blanket or for the baby to play on or even just like a beach blanket but for now I’m going to just put this on hold next up for my regrets I have my changing.

Table a lot of people think of changing table as a must-have it’s one of those purchases that you make and you have to buy multiple things to go with it and it’s quite a bit of maintenance for something that we could just put the blanket or the.

Towel on the bed and change the baby there and we do have dogs so that was our thought was to have it be in a separate space but our dogs have been really wonderful about not going on the bed especially when the baby’s on there along with the changing pad purchase that I think was unnecessary we had the sheets that come with it they’re cute we have like the Chevron and.
The polka dot ones but they’re really unnecessary another purchase.

A mate with all of that was the liner’s the waterproof liners that can.

Go on the changing pad over the sheet and you just I bought about three of these in a pack there felt ish and then like waterproof.

On the other side and I don’t use these these are very hard to clean in the washer you have to.

Air dry them and they take forever and it’s just something that I wish I would not have.

Purchased I have them now so I’m using them and I fold them up like this and keep them at.

Other people’s houses just stashed away so I can change the.

Baby’s diaper when we go there frequently or in the diaper bag a key point of these and still unnecessary I could just use a baby blanket but I’ll use them while I happen on the changing table we.
Actually use these what I think are burp cloths or like doublers for cloth.

Diapers I received as a free gift in one of my Poshmark purchases and I just lay these on the diaper changing pad and just throw them in the wash.

When they get dirtier wet I did buy a ton of diapers to start before I received a lot from people before I thought about even cloth diapering we purchased the natty organic cotton diapers from Amazon these are horrible these are a big regret of mine they leak everywhere they’re way too big for the baby they don’t stay closed they feel very.

Scratchy I know that’s probably why because the chemicals and the other diapers do make them softer but these are horrible.

I would not recommend these for anybody and I advise you to not buy that the reviews are right and I didn’t go read them until later date I made sure we used all of.

A lot of accidents but I would never.

Purchase these again and I do not recommend that anyone does that we have my regretful.

Purchase of too many doublers and cloth diaper fillers I didn’t know when I purchased our bum genius 3.0 elemental diapers that they were all in once I didn’t even know what that meant I thought you had to stuff them still so I purchased all of these.

And I’m sure the way you sucked down the line as our baby grows and pees more and you can put them on top I’ve heard and not have to wash them as frequently but for now I consider this sort of raffle purchase I.

Won’t be getting rid of these yet but I might be selling some of them because I did.

Not use them and I doubt I will need that many I also purchased way too many baby hats.

I had about five baby hats and we have not.

Used a baby hat yet for the newborns we had a home birth so they weren’t.

As strict by keeping the Hat on the head our baby was perfectly warm doing.

Skin-to-skin and these purchases I.

Bought way too many cute ones in varying sizes and then we received a lot for gifts another purchase that was kind of out there one of my pregnancy I guess fears we live in Florida now we just moved here a couple months ago or a couple months earlier in my pregnancy and I was super concerned about having.

A summer baby and having hurricanes and for some reason that irrational.

Fear manifested into me purchasing a lot of different waters and stashing them around the house as you can see here there are nicer waters to some Costco purchases but something I did.

Not need to buy and looking back is quite silly the baby clothes is a big regret I purchased so many baby clothes especially newborn to six months and then proceeded.

To receive a ton of free gifts of from family friends and hand-me-downs that were in the same sizes and I had already purchased.

All these clothes my baby doesn’t even really wear that many clothes.

I do have another video my newborns minimalist wardrobe where I talk about what he does actually to.

Where and what he does where now and he’s been growing so quickly that we didn’t even use the majority of the newborn to six-month clothes that he got he’s.

In six to nine month clothes now as a two month old.

And it is so frustrating for me but I’ve sold a lot of the clothes and I have some listed in my shop and the rest of them that I really liked I just keep stored in this plastic container and maybe the next thing who will use them whenever he grows out of some of our.

Favorites we keep them in here as well as long as they’re in good condition another regret are the baby swaddles I did not know that each baby is extremely different and that my baby would hate being swaddled and I thought it would be.

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