10 Beauty Tips

10 Beauty Tips For Beginners

Hi foxy friends this is Sarah from Foster’s domestic side and today I’m gonna give you 10 beginning beauty tips I know when I was starting back a few years ago I knew nothing about makeup and for my New Year’s resolution one year I wanted to learn how to do my makeup and my hair so I’m gonna give you.

Some tips on what I learned throughout that process tip number one is practice practice practice I know that everyone tells you.
That but really honestly I practiced so much you can’t expect.

To learn how to do your makeup just going out so you don’t go out.

That much and so you need to practice practice practice so when my kids were in the bath I would practice when my kids were taking a nap I would practice I pretty much practiced whenever I could my second beginning tip is to find YouTube videos of people that look like you or have your same eye shape whatever feature you’re trying to learn how to do your makeup and find videos of people like that look like yourself and follow.

Those videos so when I find videos of people doing makeup I typically try and find someone who’s Asian that is doing the makeup look that I want so if I have a specific palette I’ll type in the palette that I want you know Asian eyes or monolid eyes or something like that because when they’re doing a makeup look on a hooded eye or creased eye I can’t really do those looks and they don’t come out as good on me so I make sure to find I looks that.

Have my same eye shape or my same eye as my same features I watched so many youtube videos you have no idea and I started a little playlist for myself of the YouTube videos that I really.

Liked of looks that I really wanted to try out so that I could refer back to them when I was trying my makeup so when I was practicing I would sit with my computer on my phone right in front of me and then I would step by step do the same exact things that they were doing I.

Have found what works for me I typically do the same exact makeup look with different colors every single time I do eye makeup I’ll.

Lighten it or darken it depending if I’m using it for daytime or nighttime but I pretty much used the same exact makeup technique every single time.

I do my makeup tip number three for beginners is try when you are first starting out try buying drugstore type product to try and see what you.

Do like before you jump into the realm of higher end products I started buying with like cheaper kind of things before I started buying those $50 pallets because it just seems like so much money when you’re starting out there are a lot of good drugstore products out there so just find a youtube video.

With drugstore products and see what people like out there so buy things on the lower end before you start buying the expensive stuff unless you really know that you want to try something or you can go to Sephora and they’re.

Really good at giving you samples so if you wanted to try and more expensive foundation or something.

Like that they can give you a little sample at Sephora if you ask for it so they are really good about giving samples out for products that you think you might want to try if you want to make that investment in a higher-end.

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