Summer Beauty Tips

8 Summer Beauty Tips That Will Make Your Skin Glow!

Hey guys welcome back a lot of you have been asking for an updated makeup look so I thought why not show you might go to summer look I’ve been wearing the season to start or you know it it’s time for foundation and SPF is one of the most important things this one’s from origins and then a sort of.

My alma H essentials makeup in 170 a tiny bit of YSL Touche clay glow shots a bit of shrubberies wonder glow and you pump up Giorgio Armani’s fluid sheer in number three I’m going for that bronzed summer glow so this little cocktail of foundation.

Is my go-to just like skincare I love to mix everything so here mixing my foundation SPF and highlighters and to apply I’m using my Real Techniques blender and mix everything in really well and then apply it all over the face for concealer I’m using Kat Bundy’s Lockett foundation in medium.

54 and I find that this is the perfect coverage for me even though it’s supposed to be a foundation I love it for concealer now taking my handy all.

My H essentials can see there I’m going to go over any parts I want more coverage on and then using my brush I’m going to gently buff it in so it does increase time to contour using my Maybelline fit me concealer in cafe which is much darker than my regular skin tone but it’s perfect to give me that cheekbone nose and forehead contour taking a damp blender I’m going to blend out that contour line so.

It looks very natural I always find that using cream contour and postive powder contour always looks a bit better on my skin and it’s really my go-to for this summer look for the brows I’m taking my anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade in medium what I love about the pomade is that it stays on and doesn’t move so for the summer look it’s perfect now guys I’ve been obsessing over this.

Shoot Amira I foil in bronze there’s no brush needed all you need is your fingers to apply it’s a very wet when it hits the skin but as soon as you start blending it with your fingers it just goes into this perfect.

Summer brown shade this is also great for beginners because you don’t have to worry so much about all that technical stuff it’s one color and all you need to blend is your fingers amazing eyeliner time this is my second a tube.

Of Annabelle’s in the Oh sheet brush tip eyeliner it’s amazing I’m going for a clean line right near the upper lash line.

And I want to in the middle and work my way into the inner corners this way the line looks more gradual and we’re natural then taking my car go swimming bowls black eyeliner I’m going to rim the upper waterline then it’s time to curl the lashes a few seconds on each side and then mascara time I’ve been using the Monsieur big mascara by Lancome and.

Love how it’s so easy to apply and gives my short little lashes that much needed extension alright guys you made it for another giveaway it seemed only.

Fitting to do a huge makeup giveaway for this video and I hadn’t picked each item for a lucky winner in this giveaway you’ll receive the benefit boiling erase case the huda beauty summer highlight palette the BH Cosmetics take me back to prison palette 5 penitent bullion concealers the a Samba sclab macaron.

Brush set as the BH Cosmetics spotlight highlight palette this giveaway is valued over 250 dollars and I can’t wait to send this out to one lucky.

Winner now all you have to do is three simple things one make sure you subscribe to my channel two tips.
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Notification belt and three add me on Instagram and follow the instructions on the giveaway photo super easy so make sure you enter for your chance to win now back to the video a great tip I’ve been doing lately is applying lipstick before blush here I’m using the NYX in velvet matte lipstick and soft femme this is one of my favorite colors and it stays matte so it’s great if I’m going to be outside or doing any sort of activities I also put.

Lipstick on before blush because it actually helps gauge how much blush I wear you gotta try it now for blush I’ve been loving the cheek parade blush palette from benefit and here.

I’m using hoola light for that bronze look it also helps mattify the cream contour and then taking the color California to the apples of the cheeks to make that little rosy pop you can’t go for a summer makeup look without.

Some highlighter here I’m using Maybelline’s.

Chrome metallic highlighter just on tops the cheekbones and bam do you see that subtle yet BAM wait there’s a limit make sense okay well you guys know what I mean I.

Also brush a little on the bridge of the nose to accentuate the contour and to finish off this look I’m going to apply the Camile number 16 lashes by huda beauty also their glue is amazing because.

When you go to remove it actually peels off in your strips or your lashes look brand new when the lashes are on don’t forget to cover the band with a little black eyeliner so it looks seamless now we’re done I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial and if you want to see more and make sure you hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up I love you.

Guys and I’ll see you all very soon in my next one bye for now.


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